We are the students who are going to travel to Guildford. On Thursday the 22nd  we talked with our English friends. It was great!
Each of us have known their likes and hobbies.
Here are the video of the link up with them:

Hola soy Maria y en esta presentación os voy ha contar que estamos haciendo en estos días antes de nuestro viaje a Guilford.
Todos los jueves de seis a siete de la tarde hemos estado preparando nuestro viaje a Guilford, aquí preparamos cosas que sabemos y cosas que no sabemos.
También hemos preparado los billetes.
y... ¡esto es todo lo que hacemos!

Hello i´m María and in this presentation i’m going to tell you the things that we are doing  these days before our travel to Guilford.
All  Thursdays sfrom ix to seven pm we are preparing our trip,  also we  are talking English, the last day we checked the flight tickets. This is all!

             Bye bye